Monday, 17 June 2013

I guess I am thinking...

I need to be more directed, possibly more directive and push the/my positives...


  1. Looks like it's going well to me- like the fact you are using the photo-studio - it feels like you could push this - it gives you a hard outcome in terms of a set of images but also something people may want (A print)gets people into the building and helps the studio raise there profile. I wonder if there is an edge you could put on this somehow about place - the studio is a place out of place (could be anywhere) but the project is very situated within Parson Cross - Keep calm and carry on.

  2. Thanks for this Steve - I appreciate it. I'll give some thought about the place issue. One thing for me is that both my dad and my uncle were keen photographers who built their own darkroom and made their own enlarger. So it's in the family and class. BUT the Miro studio in SOAR is very 'high-end' and of course commercial. I'll have a think. Ta.