Sunday, 27 October 2013

River Ritual

Not strictly about Parson Cross except the artist I am collaborating with on this project is Eddy Dreadnought who has a studio next to ours in SOAR on P.X.

Eddy (and me a little bit) have made a film entitled River Ritual. It is about the Rover Don in Neepsend, the area I grew up in from 0-11 before I moved to P.X. The film is inspired by my memory of a student death in an annual rag week boat race down the Don. Nobody but me remembers it. None of my family nor the internet.

It is a beautiful poetic film. We intend to put it on YouTube next Friday, so link to follow... We showed it and I spoke at a symposium at York University last Friday entitled Social Water. It was a triumph!

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